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Membership Cancellations Upgrades and Downgrades

Here you can send us a message in regards to any account changes you request.


Cancellation of payment can always be taken care of through your PayPal login.  See PayPal on how to cancel your recurring monthly payments.  We do not have access to this.  Email us a message here on this form with your request for cancellation so we may manage the account across all platforms.


As part of our programs many members choose to use the FREE FOREVER program to start with.  Afterwards you may choose to move to the OPEN ACCESS PROGRAM.  In order to continue your accounts and merge them into one, we need a message from you prior to doing so.  Message us here with what program you currently have and to which program you would like to move to.  We will take care of it from there and email you once completed. This will enable you to use all your current login information and keep all your current listings during this process.  Please make sure to give us the email associated with your accounts for consistency.


Email us here on this page with your account email associated with your logins and we will manage the downgrade for you.  Emailing us is the best way as this will enable us to make sure your monthly allowance for OPEN ACCESS is used to its fullest before downgrading.

Name:      Enter Your Name

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