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Silverline Residential Inc owns and operates some of the best sources for real estate listings on the internet. With 5 separate public websites we have online platforms to help any real estate professional.

How we came about:

A few ears ago we had many websites on the internet where agents and brokers could advertise their listings whether for sale or for rent. After some time each one of these websites was bought out by larger corporate entities where they were merged together to create conglomerates. When this took place this gave the conglomerates leverage over real estate professionals making it so they had to pay for each and every listing they advertised as a featured listing. When these conglomerates took over the real estate websites they created a system for agents to pay to have their name show up next to another competing agents listing. They called these impression ads. So now what was taking place was an agent would work hard to get a listing. Than place the listing on one of these websites for a fee to have that listing show up as a featured property. Than the website company would sell placement ads to competing agents to show their name next to your listing as an area expert. Taking away your ability to connect with the potential buyer but still charging you for the same listing that you worked hard to get.
This is where we came in. What we did is purchased and now own 5 separate domain names all with extremely high volume search statistics.
The domains we own are:

All of these domains have websites built around them to drive simple search traffic directly to your listing. WE DO NOT SELL PLACEMENT ADS OR IMPRESSION ADS NEXT TO OR IN CONJUNCTION WITH YOUR LISTINGS. ONLY YOUR NAME AND YOUR TEAMS NAME SHOW UP AS A CONTACT FOR YOUR LISTINGS. Our other strategy is not too nickel and dime you for everything a real estate website can provide for you. Your listings are your listings. Along with the websites you will get automatic meta tags with the ability to write your own meta description for your Google placement. The first 150 – 200 characters of your listing will show up in this meta description automatically. The title you give your listing will also automatically show up as your Google Title. This is something you do not have the ability to do on the conglomerate websites as they use this for heir own benefit and to control your listings for their own financial gain. We do not do this. Remember OPEN ACCESS and Advertising. Simple listings for brokers with Simple search mechanics for website visitors.
Our online brands:
1…OleHaku.com This is a website built with the domain name and keyword ( Real Estate ) to help professionals with anyone looking for straight forward property. Ole’Haku.com aka RealEstate.vin will pick up search engine visitors using real estate within their search bringing them directly to your listings. This is a Nation-Wide website for use in any state within the USA. Ole’Haku is the main membership website for paid advertisers looking for our 3 website package. With this paid membership you also get access to the following 2 websites as Full or Open Access as we like to call it.

2…HomesForSale.vin This website is a Nation-Wide website utilizing the most famous search keyword around ( Homes For Sale ). This site comes with the Open Access plan and gives you the agent the ability to place your listings on our site and have them populate under that keyword as over 200,000 visitors a moth search this keyword alone.

3…Apartments.vin This is a Nation-Wide website set up as just for the niche market of Apartments. You can place all apartments whether for rent or for sale on this site and have them populate when a visitor looks for Apartments. See below our niche apartment websites just for New York City.

4…NYCApartments.vin The biggest search keyword for New York City Apartments is ( NYC Apartments ). Now that keyword is in a domain with Open Access ability for its members to list Unlimited Listings across the internet. With this website membership you will get OPEN ACCESS membership to all 5 of our websites to really boost your online presence.

5…NoFeeApartments.vin This is got to be one of the most important niche markets in Manhattan, NYC. What we call No Fee Apartments are apartments where there are no broker fee’s attached to the unit. Either this is where the building is paying the brokers fee or there just isn’t any fee towards the tenant. Because of this niche and the popularity of its ability for renters to save money it is searched by over 100,000 people a month. We have it as a domain name and keyword platform and give you this access only with a paid membership thought NoFeeapartments.vin.

This is the only website we have where an agent or broker can publish a listing and hide the address of the property. This is done to help aide NYC agents in utilizing the Open Listings market to their advantage. Open Listings are real estate listings in Manhattan where any agent or broke can advertise for the property openly. Hiding the address allows the agent to create a listing where the prospective tenant will call them directly for assistance to helping them find an apartment to rent.

In conclusion Silverline Residential’s approach is to bring back a little of the mom and pop listing service we use to have years ago with an emphasis on building relationships with the broker community without draining them of funds. Silverline Residential Inc was created by brokers for brokers for easy simple low cost direct advertising. We were in your shoes at one time which is why we came up with this business model.